From Hoi An to Hue

Date: 27/05/2007 | Author: Florence

We left Hoi An and got a taxi to Da Nang, then got the day train to Hue. At our hotel in Hue (The Saigon Morin) they had really comfy beds. It was a nice posh hotel. We had our biggest room since Bangkok and a big pool too. First we went to the Citadel on cyclos to see where the Emperor once lived. There wasn't much there because the Americans bombed it, but what was there was very pretty. We saw the Emperor's throne in one of the temples.
We took cyclos back to our hotel. They are bicycles with a little carriage on the front with a sun shade. It only fits two so we have to get two of them and it was a very hot day so the drivers put the sun shade up.
There wasn't much for us to do in Hue so later on we left to go to Hanoi.

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