Tailor Town

Date: 24/05/2007 | Author: Ella

Hoi An is an amazing city.
We were staying in Long Life Hotel (also known as Thanh Xuan). It was a lovely place with a swimming pool and great staff.
Hoi An is the city of tailors. It as up to 1000 of them that copy and sell you clothes. The tailor shop we went to was called YALY. It was very big and quite posh. There were three girls in YALY that we really liked. Their names were Mimosa, Gloria and Mary. Mimosa helped Mummy, Florence and I. Mary helped Dad and Gloria gave Florence lots of cuddles. I had my favourite trousers copied, my favourite dress copied and some clothes made for a special occasion.
Hoi An's local beach was called Cua Dai. It was lovely with the perfect sized waves. We were eating lunch in a cafe called 'Man' and on one trip to the toilet Florence spotted some tiny puppies. We took a look and a man said we could hold them. They were only five days old and didn't have their eyes open yet. While we were on the beach we spotted an island called Cham Island. It looked really nice so we asked Hoa and Fhi (some nice ladies that worked at Thanh Xuan) if there was anywhere to stay on the island. They said there was no accommodation, only tents. So we made a plan to stay there and arrived on Cham Island the next day.....
.....it was an hour boat ride to Cham Island. We camped on Chong Beach. It had lovely cooling sea and was a nice long beach. The tent was a perfect size for four people but was quite uncomfortable because there were hard grass mats underneath the sheets. I was the first to wake up so I went for a 6 o'clock swim when dad woke up.
It was paradise.

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