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We have often ventured to far off locations for short holidays - this has given us all a real taste for travel and we dreamed of being able to take Ella and Florence away for an extended, more intrepid adventure. In November 2006 our dream became a reality when we headed off on an 8 month trip visiting Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and India. As we were away for so long it was part of the girls education to write about their experiences and it was something that we all ended up really enjoying.

It gave friends and family something to look at while we were away and is a great record for us all to look at now we are back.

We have tried to fill it with links, photos, videos and other useful information for anyone thinking of embarking on a similar adventure. We hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

image: Ella and Florence in Manali June 2007

Dave Bracey

Date of Birth: May/1960

Likes: Travel, my job, hang gliding.
Dislikes: Shopping, losing glasses.
Hopes: My future is as lucky as my past has proven to be.
Fears: Trying new things may start to scare me.

Dave's blog

Florence Ava Bracey

Date of Birth: June/2000

Likes: Meeting people, eating mangos
Dislikes: Mosquitos and long long walks
Hopes: That our cat, Duchess, remembers me when I get home
Fears: Missing flights

Florence's blog

Gabby Chelmicka

Date of Birth: Pre 1970

Likes: Exploring places, meeting people, champagne and red wine
Dislikes: Offal
Hopes: That we'll all keep safe and healthy on this trip
Fears: Anything unpleasant happening to the girls

Gabby's blog

Ella Lee Bracey

Date of Birth: Nov/1997

Likes: Spaghetti Bolognese and animals
Dislikes: Long car journeys and biting insects
Hopes: That we will be able to save the world from becoming uninhabitable
Fears: Tsunamis, ticks and the earth being sucked into a black hole

Ella's blog